Monday, December 17, 2012


A Day of Celebration!!  Sun TV Saxena and Ayyappan confessed that the Nithyananda Ranjita video is morphed - and is doctored by Sun TV to stage a threatening drama.  This has now been confused, as Swamiji said a long time ago it would, on Television to the whole world the video is morphed.

As we know the impact these video had upon the world and so many left the sangha due to these videos broadcasted around the world.  Not only was Swamiji not able to speak to his devotee/disciples for such a long time the continued harrassment and anger has continued toward Swamiji, ashramites and so many followers.

These videos had such an impact upon the public and devotees that believed these lies had been ransacking and burning the ashrams, beating of the ashramites as well as most of the devotees, especially in some of the countries like India, where they had to take off the malas and down pictures of Swamiji so they could not be seen visibly.  The ashrams at that time were not safe so ashramites had to leave their home and go to other places to live for a period of time.  They have been dealing with continuous harassment from the police authoriities and many times had to close the ashrams for safety reasons.  We have been fighting to bring justice and truth to the people since early 2010!!

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Sun TV Conspiracy Exposed - "Nithyananda-Scandal Video is Morphed"

In a dramatic development, Sun TV CEO Saxena as well as Ayyappan, exposed the whole truth behind the alleged Nithyananda video scandal.
Saxena has categorically stated that the Nithyananda video is a clear instance of this extortion. 

He explained that industrialists and other high profile people are threatened and money extorted and Sun TV continues to do these illegal acts. He exposed news editor Raja and his team created the alleged Nithyananda scandal video to try extorting money from Nithyananda. The editor and his team have a network of people, who for example take a video of a factory and start rumors that sewage water is coming out of it and extort the factory owners with this false news.

Saxena in a public statement has stated that he is lodging a complaint with the Chennai Police Commissioner of the Tamil Nadu police saying that he has received death threats from Sun TV chief Kalanidhi Maran threatening that hired goons would come and kill them in 3 days. Saxena said that when he was in jail, the people of Kalanidhi Maran threatened his wife and extorted Rs. 12 crores, and that he has video and audio evidence of the same.

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